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Thread: home confinement

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    Victoria, on the first Monday of our lock down I cleaned out my shed.
    The second Monday I put everything back where it should be.
    The second Monday I put a lock on the shed door just ibn case I got any more mad ideas.

    Bunnings, the meeting center of the town, spent so much time there thinking of buying one of their tents to live in the car park.

    But yesterday some of the big shopping ,malls opened up fully, more on Monday might unlock the shed.
    All never fully closed with a few shops such as the Reject Shop and a few others always open.

    We are allowed to go out for shopping so do a bit each day, wife went to her hairdressers Wednesday some 30 KLm away, but they are open a0nd you are allowed to go to them.

    Biggest problem through all of this has been the different explanation of what is allowed, all the radio talk back have a different version of the rules, very confusing.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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    Default Re: home confinement

    If you like Gangster films there is a cracker on tonight, "The Untouchables" the forming of the FBI in the days of Prohibition, Robert De Niro
    is Al Capone, Kevin Costner is Elliot Ness and Sean Connery is a Cop, it's a great film and worth a watch, Ch 24 at 21:00 , cheers.
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