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Thread: Mother Nature

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    Smile Mother Nature

    Former maritime staff and others using the site for research,

    I regularly watch the BBC for my daily 'fix' of current news. I am acutely aware of how perilous life at sea can be and we all have stories of 'big green ones, dark grey one, big blue ones' crashing over the deck and wondering if the bow will emerge from the tower block of a trough. In the recent time however we have seen reports of the horrendous fires in NSW in Oz and the heroism of the fire crews trying their best to save homes and people's lives. We have recently seen the horrible floods in England and this morning the snow in Wales. I am sure you will also have seen the footage of some chump swimming in the effluent covering the beautiful St Mark's Square in Venice.

    I am always amazed at the contributions from around the globe on the site and frequently have a chuckle and a pause for thought at what a member has shared. We are all shipmates on this beautiful spinning globe and, even if as recently, the powers that be try to slow down shipping to save on greenhouse gas and the jet stream moves around causing havoc. We look into the night sky and, if it is not cloudy, we look at the same stars from different positions after all 'Caeli Lux Noster Dux' before we had sat. nav.

    Just a quick thought to wish you all well from a minus 2 in Edinburgh.

    Adam Conn

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    Default Re: Mother Nature

    That is so correct, there are so many events on this planet that even the brightest mind finds hard to comprehend.

    I am of the opinion that many centuries past the population knew more than we know now.
    Over time we have been dumbed down to the point that some will accept any story they hear .

    The world is still a wonderous place and those of us still lucky to be bale to travel can still stand in awe of what we see.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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