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Thread: Hello to everybody. How long has the Cruise fleets, no longer manned by mainly British crew?

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    Default Hello to everybody. How long has the Cruise fleets, no longer manned by mainly British crew?

    This is for Senior Merchant Navy chaps and ladies,

    I am writing from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean from Bloomington, Indiana, US. So my question to all my Merchant Navy crew members, is about signing onto ships? I spent 25 plus years, give or take 3 years, in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. When I got home after a dangerous contact with venomous insects. And I was always able to sign on a ship, as I carried my 'Discharge Book' and passports. Just popped down to Algate East, downtown London and my way to the Merchant Navy Administration office and found a job being a First Class Steward on P&O shipping. I had a good name on the Princess Cruise ships, namely the MV: Island Princess, where I met my American wife.

    I am not color prejudice, but has the British Cruise ships only hire none-Britishers these days. Furthermore, I can still get a job on American based ships, seeing I am no longer married, but it's mainly on small cruise ships journeying along the great rivers, as the Mississippi and a range of other waterways. However, I do not want to work on rivers, but it would be voyaging to Australia or other foreign countries. Obviously, I enjoyed the itinerary's of Western Europe and the rest of the wide world.

    So in my mind, where do British crew members, sign up these days.

    I have decided to come home to England and going to buy a house along the Cornish coast. Therefore, I am going to settle down in Cornwall. All the ladies in my long-ago-days, on my vacations who visited me from New Zealand, Aussie, and Canada and a young woman who was taller than me, was a chief archeologist who I met in Gas Town in Vancouver, Canada on the Alaska run was born in Johannesburg, South Africa was taller than even me. I being 6'-3" and she was 6'-7".

    I have a name as an author now, and my latest book is to be published this month or early next month by Amazon publishers. It's a pretty universal Handbook, that is a money opportunity for anybody who is willing to learn a bit of common law. America as in the British Isles, then Canada, New Zealand and commonwealth countries as well as other foreign nations. I have a degree in law from Watterson College, in Sherman Oaks, California. This will be my 14th handbook. All my books are copyrighted and can be located at the library of Congress. Soon as it is published, I send an image to BMN website.

    I do hope everybody had a wonderful Christmas and super New Year-so far?


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    Default Re: Hello to everybody. How long has the Cruise fleets, no longer manned by mainly British crew?

    From personal experience no cruise company employs any workers in basic areas such as waiting cooking, cabins etc.
    All are taken up by Philipinos and many other such nations.
    Majority of officers are Italian with a few French and the occasional English one.
    There are a few from Uk in platforms such as photography, entertainment and child care.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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