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Thread: How do I contact a Member

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    Default How do I contact a Member

    It is strongly recommend that you do not include your email address in any post on site. This is for your own security, as to do so could leave you vulnerable to email hacking just like any other public site.

    At times you may want to contact another member privately. There are a couple of secure ways to do this:If you cannot readily find a post by that member then go to option 1 in the picture. By clicking on Community you bring up a drop down menu with the entire member list at the bottom. This is alphabetical. Locate the member's name in the list and you will find there is an option to either email them or send them a private message.If you have one of their posts handy use option 2 in the picture. By clicking on their name a box comes up with their email link and also their private message link.(Any other member can contact you by doing the same)

    Both these two methods assume that the member has NOT disabled the facilities within their control panel. Should this be the case please feel free to contact me and I will contact them on your behalf, passing on your details.
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