Photo: The Steam Tug DANIE HUGO (1959), near sister of the J.R. More (1961), at work in her home port of Cape Town, South Africa. Note that the Danie has separate foremast and radar mast, while the J.R. More was slightly different as she had these combined as a single tripod foremast. In 1981 the Danie Hugo was transferred to Walvis Bay where she was later scrapped in the mid 1980s along with her other sister, the F.C. Sturrock (1959) which had joined her there in 1982.

THORSTREAM: IMO 5360443. Cargo ship (refrig). Norwegian Flag, Built 1960 by Framnaes, Sondefjord. Norway. 5,754gt, diesel 17 knots. History: 1960, launched as THORSTREAM, A/S Odd & A/S Ornen. 1978, LU LIANG SHAN, China Ocean Sg Co. 1999, existence in doubt, deleted.