The Royal Albert Dock is one of three docks in the Royal Group of Docks of east London, England now part of the redeveloped Docklands. The dock was constructed to the east of the earlier Victoria Dock by the St Katharine and London dock companies and opened in 1880. It was even larger than the Victoria, with over 3 miles of quay, and an entrance to the Thames far down river at Gallions Reach. To the south at the western end were two dry docks and machine shops used for ship repairs by R & H Green & Silley Weir (later River Thames Shiprepairs Ltd). The dock closed to commercial traffic along with the other Royal Docks in the 1980s. The dock itself still exists and is now used chiefly for watersports and as a rowing course, although it is occasionally transited by ships on their way to the Royal Victoria Dock and exhibitions at the ExCeL Exhibition Centre. 

Present Day: The major feature of the dock today is London City Airport, whose single runway has been constructed the length of the south side of the dock, with the dock forming the northern boundary of the airport. The filled dry docks and ship repair works site lie under the runway. Aircraft movements are clearly visible across the dock from the largely accessible north quayside. Transport links on the north side of the dock have been greatly improved with new roads and the Docklands Light Railway Beckton line running the length of the dock. From the dock's western end, where it meets the Royal Victoria Dock there is the London Regatta Centre, an international class rowing centre, with the Yi-Ban Chinese restaurant on top of the building. The regatta centre contains facilities for rowers and dragon boaters such as a gymnasium, boat tank, and boathouse, and is home to several clubs, including Queen Mary, University of London Boat Club, University of East London Boat Club, Royal Docks Rowing Club, Typhoon DBC, Thames Dragons, and Raging Dragons.

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