1957 London to New Zealand, back via Australia and Suez Canal.

ID 5062510. Cargo Ship (refrig), built 1931 by Stephens of Linthouse. 10,107 gt, twin diesel 16 knots. History: 1931, launched as ORARI, New Zealand Sg Co Ltd: 1958, CAPO BIANCO, "Capo Gallo" Cia di Nav SpA.  Survived a U boat attack (U 43) in 1940.  She was holed in the stern, the crew managed to cover the hole with tarpaulins and she made it under own power to the Clyde, where she was repaired, returned to service in 1941. 1958 she was sold to Italy and renamed Capo Bianco for A. Zanchi. Broken up at Savona in May 1971.