ATHELSPRITE: IMO 7030389, Oil Products Tanker: 1056, dwt. Built Jan 1971 by Richards[Shipbuilders] Ltd. Lowestoft..747 gross tons MV oil or molasses tanker.Built for Tankers Ltd. - Liverpool, 1979 Abandoned by her crew, 14th July, when fire broke out;4 miles SW of Nevis on a voyage from St. Kitts to Trinidad. She was later taken in tow and brought into St. Kitts the next day.Towed to Barbados; arrived on 25th July 1979 and laid up, pending a decision on her future. Towed to Glasgow.Arrived at Glasgow 3rd Jan 1980 for repairs.1980 transferred to Tate & Lyle Shipping Ltd.1982 Tate & Lyle Trading & Development Ltd.1992 ZEEKSPRITE Zeek[Nigeria] Ltd.--St. Vincent.Currently on the 2005 Shipping Lists. RK.