IMO 5171189, Drill Ship ABAN ICE, Flag: Panama [PA]. grt: 15,228t. Length Overall x Breadth Extreme: 183m × 21.7m. Year Built: 1959. Status: Active. The vessel is fitted with and still using a Doxford Engine – Providence, 65 LBD 6, two-stroke, opposed pistons, 6 cylinder supercharged, built in 1958.  She completed 54 YEARS in service on 18th February 2013. This vessel was built in France in 1958 and put into service originally named as “Jean Schneider”. She was built as cargo bulk carrier and was the largest tonnage ship then ordered in France and also the first long bulk carrier in the French feet. She started with transporting Ore & Coal from USA to France, she had broken records in transporting 18342 tonnes of coal in 1965 and also used to transport oil platforms way back in 1972. She was sold in 1973 and destined to become a research and oil drilling vessel named “Danwood Ice” under its new owners in Denmark. Until this period the vessel logs recorded travelling 1093767 nautical miles or 50.6 times the length of the terrestrial meridian, or 5.27 times the distance from the earth to the moon. She transported 4012162 tonnes of bulk cargo, made 225 trips with a average speed of 13.76 knots while consuming 84 kgs of fuel per mile travelled. RK


 The above info supplied courtesy of Chief Engineer (retired) Alfons Verheiden.

Thanks Alfons.