Name: CABO CARVOEIRO. Passenger Cargo Ship, built 1908 by William Dobson & Co. at their Walker Yard, River Tyne.  1,993grt, Engines: Triple expansion giving 187nhp. Engines built by: Blair & Co Ltd, Stockton-on-Tees. Single screw, 9 KNOTS. History: 1909, Ybarra y Cia, Sevilla. 1937, Spanish Nationalist Government, renamed BOEIRO. 1939 Ybarra y Cia, Sevilla; renamed CABO CARVOEIRO. Comments: 1937: Requisitioned by the Spanish Nationalist GovernmentUsed as a detention centre and prison ship 1962: Broken up at Santander. 

Info courtesy of Tyne Built Ships. (no Copywrite). RK