The massive Doxford 76J9 seen from the aft end of the engine. (760mm bore, 9 cylinders). The prototype was installed in the MV North Sands. Doxfords had the North Sands built by JL Thompsons on the River Wear, in order to prove the reliability and efficiency of the newly designed Doxford. Sadly the cost of maintenance and the downtime need saw the beginning of the end for the mighty Doxford Engine.RK 

North Sands. Yard number 715. In 1965. This ship was built on Doxford Engine Works account (by then part of the Doxford and Sunderland Shipbuilding and Engineering Company), to prove and demonstrate the prototype Doxford J type engine. Its predecessor, the P type first introduced in 1960 (M.V. Montana by Sir James Laing), was not a success. Both engines were designed by a team led by Percy Jackson and his initials were those used to identify these engines. The North Sands was one of a series of similar tankers built at the yard: British Commerce, Daphnella, Donacilla, were fitted with Sulzer engines, Trident had a Doxford 760J8 engine and North Sands had a 760J9 engine. The only other ship with a 760J9 was the Orenda Bridge from the same yard RK