The big Five of the old UC Line:

In no particular order:

Windsor, Transvaal, Pretoria, Edinburgh,  Pendennis.

IMO 5391923. Passenger/cargo (refrig). Built by Cammell, Laird & Co, Birkenhead. 37,640gt, twin steam turbines, 23 knots. Histoy: 1960, Windsor Castle. Union-Castle Mail SS Co Ltd. 1977, Margarita L. Margarita Sg & Tdg Corp SA. 1984, Margarita L, Santa Marianna Sg & Tdg Corp SA. 2005, Rita. 2005, Broken up.

IMO 5367623. Passenger/cargo (refrig). 1961. Transvaal Castle. Renamed S.A. Vaal 1966. Built by John Brown, Clydebank. 32,697 gt, twin steam turbines 23 knots. History:1977 renamed Festivale, 1996 Island Breeze, 2000 The Big Red Boat, 2003 The Big Boat. Broken up 2003.

IMO 5284352. Passenger/cargo (refrig). 28,705 gt, twin steam turbines, twin screws, 22 knots. Built in 1948 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast. History: 1948, Pretoria Castle, Union-Castle Mail SS Co Ltd: 1966, S.A. Oranje, South African Marine Corp (U.K.) Ltd: 1969, S.A. Oranje, South African Marine Corp Ltd: 1975,  Broken up.

IMO 5097022. Passenger/cargo (refrig). One owner,  Union Castle Mail S S Co Ltd: Edinburgh Castle, built in 1948 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast. 28,705gt, twin steam turbines, 22 knots. One owner!! 1976, Broken up.

IMO 5273808. Passenger/cargo (refrig). Built in 1958 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast. 28,582gt, twin steam turbines, twin screw, 22.5 knots. History: 1958, Pendennis Castle, Union-Castle Mail SS Co Ltd: 1976, Ocean Queen, Ocean Queen Nav Corp. 1977, Sindbad, Kinvarra Bay Sg Co Ltd: 1977, Sindbad I, Kinvarra Bay Sg Co Ltd. 1980 Broken up.