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Thread: SS Nomadic tender to RMS Titanic

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    Default SS Nomadic tender to RMS Titanic

    A recent posting reference ship's lifeboats and what happens to them reminded me of the following very interesting account of the SS Nomadic. She was built as a tender for the White Star Line's Olympic Class liners including the ill fated RMS Titanic. Whilst the document was prepared for the purpose of a conservation proposal for her No2 lifeboat it includes a fascinating account of the history behind all the relevant pieces of the jig saw.

    There are sections on everything from the Titanic's own lifeboat construction, the full history of the White Star Line, history of Harland and Wolf plus the history of the Nomadic.

    Anyone with an interest in the history behind the British Merchant Navy will be engrossed in this account and it is well worth sitting down with a cup of coffee to read.

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    Default Ss nomadic

    HI, a very interesting read, so nice to see someone cares enough to restore her, certainly is a ship worthy of restoration, i read the SS Nomadic website, they state all restoration has stopped, does anyone know why, ?. are her engines still in place, i see the intention is to get her up and running again, that would be a sight to see, a worthwhile post to read. very informative. Tony Wilding.

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