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Thread: Finding my way home to to England.

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    Default Finding my way home to to England.

    Hello Ladies and Gentleman,

    Want to locate a crewman or a women crew member friend, who has lived outside the United Kingdom for perhaps decades and then returned to the British Islands. Many of you know, my last ship I was employed on, was the MV: Island Princess, part of P & O Shipping fleet. I became a US citizen in 1986, but I still have a huge family near Croydon in the suburbs of London.

    My question is, has anybody on this British Merchant Navy website, returned to settle in England, after many decades. And possibly with an American or foreign wife. I still have my British Insurance number and still get my Government Pension and Merchant Navy Pension.

    I have finished writing my 14th book, a real money opportunity that was in hibernation, for twenty five years and hopefully be available by Christmas in the US and Commonwealth countries and many other nations, Can I get an account with Nationwide Building Society, when I purchased my first health. I am 80 years old now, but I want to go home and live by a beach in the Duchy of Cornwall.

    Please, somebody a couple please contact me soonest. I am fed up with living in America and want peace and quiet before my time comes. Found out I do not need a current dated passport, as all my passports have expired. A small village away from the principle towns as St Ives. Just to settle in and become part of the neighborhood.

    If I come home single, I will be offering $500 to anybody who locates this lady.

    Please contact as it would be hard for me believe, that Men and Women who was employed on British ships, went to places as Australia, Canada or any country, who came home to their birthplace.

    If I make enough money from my handbook and my savings, I might return to England. The publishing company will get recognition for its great job. I made some clumsy errors that the company had to straighten out. Yesterday, for the first time, I saw the illustrated cover of my handbook, which greeted me with joy. Prior to this, my list of Historical Map Guides, which was sold through many bookstores, did pretty well.

    My life changed in a small natural health care store in Honolulu, Hawaii, where I was introduced to holistic medicine.

    Today, I have stayed clear of any kind of addiction. I've seen the consequences of sickness that follow. I use nothing and do not need it. Smoking anything that includes 'Marijuana,' even the odor, makes me sick. Nor has alcohol attracted me. I have kept myself clean and tidy and away from the smoking atmosphere. At my advanced age, I prefer to be clean-shaven, and only once in my younger years did I sport facial hair. All the colds, influenza, and other issues from my youth have disappeared, and the last time I saw a doctor for anything was for minor surgery. Today, I take neither prescribed nor street drugs.

    I have been a minor adventurer all my life, from my travels in Northern Australia for three years, where I found small gold nuggets when not working on weekends. I also discovered that one of my grandfather's brothers immigrated to New South Wales in the region of Norwood, Cobar, and while introducing myself, I stayed on the station (ranch) for a while and ended up mining for opals. Then, I went back to shipping out across the world, on a German Cargo-Passenger Vessel for eight months, which loaded rare woods. Back home on cruises to Alaska, I met a highly recognized lady Professor of Meso-American archaeology girlfriend, who welcomed me to 'dig' in Mayan ruins and jungles of Belize, Central America. Many dangers, but it did not stop me.

    In all, I have spent 28 years at sea, beginning with a short stint in the Royal Navy Auxiliary and then later joining the Merchant Navy. I have many stories to tell, including living for three years in the far reaches of Queensland, Australia, and spending a month or more in the Mayan ruins in the jungles of Belize, Central America. It is a great temptation to find a relationship 'here' in America, but away from giant metropolises or even large towns. I have had enough of giant cities.

    Just a simple marriage with the understanding that we might be crossing the Atlantic or even finding a good woman in the Duchy of Cornwall. It's strange that I have been inundated with interest from many ladies across the world, many of whom are too young for my preference. I have explained many times that I am not a young man, but even ladies in their early 40s and even younger in many countries, including the Philippines, have taken a liking to me.

    I have been strangely attracted to Cornwall, once called in the earliest of times "Domnonia." It was only a few months ago that I found this attraction. Many times on holiday from my working life at sea, I would bring a girlfriend from different Commonwealth nations, such as Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, to a bed and breakfast near or in St. Ives or other small towns. We stayed in small fishing hamlets and wandered the narrow streets, enjoyed fresh fish and Cornish pasties.

    But why was I drawn to Cornwall when I was born in the County of Surrey? Even as an immigrant to America, when I married my lady who was a passenger on the romance-comedy TV series "The Love Boat," the queen of Princess Cruise Fleet, MV: Island Princess. Even though I settled into a wealthy lifestyle, I used "Ancestry" to query my bloodline over more than ten years. I made many errors in my searches, but with experience working as a Specialized Investigator, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle came together. After corresponding with different Western European nations, I was stunned to find that my bloodline began with King Harald I of Denmark, married to Thora, Queen of Norway, and then Gyrid. Harald Bluetooth was the son of Gorm the Old, and his son was King Cnut of Sweden, who married a Norwegian Queen in 800. My years of research across foreign borders were successful.

    Just as I said, it was only a month ago that I learned of my ancestral relation to Cornwall. A place called "Gwenapp" is a family towering stone monument etched with my family name, not far from castle ruins.

    I take pride in my years of exercise routines and not touching any illicit narcotics, which has spared my life from misery and misfortune. My only addiction is a clean shave, healthy food, and a comfortable bed. I have maintained my height of approximately 6'3" and my weight of 178 lbs.

    If I find the right woman, it will be forever. I can honestly say that in all of my previous two marriages and divorces, I have never cheated and never would. Because of the drugs involved with my first American family's older daughter, grandson, and boyfriend, I moved away. I believe that my second ex-wife, who has chronic bipolar disorder, was very detrimental to our lives. My dearly departed Mother taught me to treat ladies with the essentials of being polite, showing kindness and loyalty, and demonstrating gentlemanly etiquette. What more can I say?

    England, the UK, like any country, has its positives and negatives. Over there, there is the National Health System, and not a range of insurance companies, which I never understood. A vehicle is not that needed, although I have had several in England, including a Ford Blazer I imported forty years ago. The buses are very frequent, especially in metropolitan areas, and the railways run on time. Guns are almost non-existent, except for certain farmers on their acreage. I cannot imagine any real violence along the Southern coast. It's an entirely different world, with fresh eggs, bacon, and groceries from small shops. The cottage industry and fresh fish were brought into the quays of fishing towns along the Celtic coast. The smell of the ocean, the blowing winds and winter storms, and the cry of many seagulls and birds. I have not been there in decades, but I am sure today there are many movie houses and much more entertainment and fun. I think that my time there with young ladies was a period for them sipping a glass of wine or a cocktail, while my main drink was a Root Beer or a cup of English tea, and I enjoyed a packet of crisps (chips) and my favorite, a real Cornish pasty.

    Everybody, have a smashing Christmas and a lucrative New Year.

    A friend and old shipping crewmember,

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