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Thread: How old is too old?

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    Default How old is too old?

    Hello fellow Seafarers,

    I saw a bulletin on my mobile phone for a need for crew issued by an organization, "The London Cruise Fair". I sent a Cover Letter, resume and enclosed photograph, but it was returned. Furthermore, I intended to find a job, in some classification? Worked as night manager cleaning 3 bars, with a bunch of Mexican utility stewards. Currently, I am living unsatisfactory in Indiana, the United States, but I have a lengthy job record. I still have my Board of Trade discharge Book and ID, plus a United States Passport, European and a British Passport. I have letters of recommendation from Princess cruises ships. And numerous service recommendations from, when I was employed on a digital map job, with the United States Government. I also have a good education from England, to a degree in law.

    I am a Senior Citizen, but through years of exercise, and imbibing only a healthy regimen of Holistic supplement I have never been sick in my life. No pain, no arthritis. Nothing!

    I have a comprehensive list of ship employment from the earliest of days.

    From my earliest experience as a waiter, to a Utility steward and eventually a first class Steward in the Princess Cruise Fleet.
    On a German Cargo/ Passenger ship as Captain's Steward and service to 8 scientists and operating the vessel's shop, back from Australia where I lived for three years and returning to Kaiserslautern, Germany after a six months trip, loading rare woods such as "Primavera" along the South American coast. Later, on a yacht to the Galápagos chain of Island, as a Butler for the principal owners.

    A giant British oil tanker, as officer's Steward. I have cleaned Public rooms and staircases. On the Princess ships, that offered superior surface to celebrities as Movie Star Cary Grant. The Post Master General of Oregon State and ships owners of the Cunard Line. Top officials of Princess Cruises and even Princesses, with chaperones from the United Arab Emirates.

    I married a lady on the TV series "The Love Boat" and now divorced.

    I would certainly like to get back on the ships, because my life is so boring today. So how would I be able to work on British flagged ships.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Default Re: How old is too old?

    Hello Dave
    Thanks for the post and questions.
    You do seem to have a lot of experience , so cannot see you out of work too long!
    So far though looks to be a case of age ?? but that should not have to happen these days .
    Anyway i do hope that you may get some good replies from the Lads here, as i am sure some would know of avenues to assist you??
    All i can say is the "Best of British"
    Keep trying Dave, its never too late!@
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