I am putting this Notice on so ALL can be forewarned so PLEASE do take note of what i say here!

A lot of you older Members will of course recall Marian -Gray ,who was with us for quite some time , yes she had her Knuckles rattled but that is now all past and Water Under The Bridge

Between Brian and Myself , we have after receiving a nice Email from Marian decided to give her a fair chance again to re-join, such as a few others too that have been given chances.
So what this post is about is.

There is to be NO aggro or nasty or other comments towards her on her return, she is to be treated as any other here with respect, and i say it now Loud and Clear!
Any breach of this will result in that Member no matter who to be Blocked from the site for a long period, and can also lead to his or her dismissal.

So for your own good please refrain from any of that sort of thing!

Marian was on the whole a very good poster and gave lots of help to many as far as researching goes, and we need such people here to assist , i think that she will be a an asset .
Thank You