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Thread: MV Hornby Grange

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Salmons View Post
    Mike I have just come across Ships Nostalgia and your post. I am the Electrician Tony (Salmons) referred to in your post. I was second lecky for a couple of trips on the Hornby Grange and then went first. Chief Engineer Jones was a grumpy old character.but I got on OK with the Second Dickinson. The Thirds were great. Willy Lyle from Glasgow, John White from the Isle of Wight and Andy from Ayr in Scotland.
    I wonder if you were on the trip to BA when President Frondizi gave the vote to the Peronistas and the unions shut down the BA power station putting the whole city into darkness. Needless to say the girly bars carried on regardless by candlelight.. Then we heard the Argentine navy cruiser the was heading up the Plate to shell the power station!, The old Hornby Grange was alongside not far from the power station so there were frantic calls for pilots to move ship but they were on strike as well!
    Nothing came of it . It all petered out and I think the army deposed Frondizi Its hard to think this is over 50 years ago.
    I worked for a few outfits Clan Line, Federal Line and MacAndrews and of course Houlders. Food was the best with Houlders and the worst with Clan Cheers Tony Salmons.
    Hi Tony
    I remember you during my two BA trips in 1962 as Jnr Eng
    The ones missing from your list of engineering crew were fourth Anglo Indian guy and sixer Alan Ford from Christal Palace London
    But the most to stick in my memory was second electrician (cannot remember his name )
    What a character . He spent all his off duty time learning Spanish and
    was a great tap dancer( A la Fred Astaire )
    His final onshore activity was when he concluded his on floor performance in a seedy BA bar by falling over a table of German
    seamen's drinks and cannot remember him escaping a brutal encounter
    but he was a smooth talker and somehow got away with it.
    On my second trip there was some pistol fire between a guy on quay
    trying to pot some fellow from shoreside gang who was on board ship.
    When we realized it was live amo we all scattered for cover.
    I went on to Federal Steam and NZ Shipping Company before settling to shoreside in NZ.
    I subsequently relocated to Sydney then Brisbane in 2010

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    Default Re: MV Hornby Grange

    Hornby Grange was my first trip out of the Vindi, April or May1962, Deck boy. Did two trips.

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