The following seafarers have crossed the bar.

John Allsop-November 2015.
Walter Bray-February 2011.
Stan Buck-January 2016.
Norman Clarke-September 2015.From Tasmania.
Ron Davies-October 2015-From New Zealand.
Vernon Evans-August 2015-From Australia.
Frank Finley-November 2015.
Alan Higson-December 2015.
Reg Kear-November 2015-From Australia.
Dennis LLoyd-Johnson-No date given.
Donald Minchinson-October 2015.
John Pearson-October 2015.
Douglas Plumstead-February 2016.
George Shepard-Ashby-October 2015.
Clifford Simpson-November 2015.
Cyril Tampkin-December 2015.
Joseph Thomas-January 2016.
Barry Williams-October 2015.