Greetings First time caller here,

I am looking for help with the following story and wonder if any of you boffins can help.

My Grandfather, John James Harty was a seaman for all of his life, signing on as a boy in the Royal Navy and ending up working on Ramsgate Harbour.

On 23rd August 1921 John was crew on the Gloucester Castle sailing from London to Beira via South Africa. I have a copy of the Crew Agreement that I found in New Foundland and a copy of the Passenger List. I am also in possession of a certificate following the rescue of a passenger on 5th September 1921. The Certificate reads, "Presented to J Harty by the passengers on board S.S Gloucester Castle in recognition of the efficient manner in which the rescue of a passengerwas effected on 5th September 1921. The commander was E W Day. I also have photos of the presentation. These I can forward to anyone who may want them.

Problem. Log book missing. I have looked at the dates of the minutes of the Board Of Directors at the National Archives but they do not cover this period.

I simply want to kmow the name of the person rescued and the circumstances. There is a bottle of Whisky or Rum for the person who cracks this!

When this one is sorted I will start with the Elder Dempster Line ships that I sailed on as a child to Nigeria, but thats another story!

Sorry if this is rather long but its really bugging me.


John Goulden (AKA The Milky Bar Kid)