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Thread: Eastern maritime corridor

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    Default Re: Eastern maritime corridor

    Russia & India are part of a trade organisation with acronym BRICS . I comprises of Brazil,India, China & South Africa. They are closely tied not only in trade but politically alignment
    China, South Africa and India support Russia in their war with Ukraine in addition to being anti Israeli . I believe that the eastern Maritime corridor is yet another attempt to control the trade routes and hold the West to ransom.
    South Africa are known to import oil from Iran (cheaply) and will now be open to importing cheap oil from Russia.
    I believe this is a long term Strategy which is being applied to control the Wests ability to import & export goods. This could be a step in the long path to a major Conflict which would reverse the recent trend to a more peaceful world ,which has stalled at the moment.

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    Default Re: Eastern maritime corridor

    Well I am sure China & India along famously.
    Anyway not to worry good old Rushi has!!!
    Downing Street has been forced to rule out the prospect of conscription being introduced in the UK after a military chief said Britain may need to train and equip a citizen army to fight Russia in a future war.

    Chief of the General Staff Gen Sir Patrick Sanders said preparation for any conflict would need to be a “whole-of-nation undertaking” and that citizens should be trained and equipped to be in a state of readiness.

    Taking preparatory steps to enable placing our societies on a war footing when needed are now not merely desirable but essential,” Gen Sir Patrick said at an armoured vehicles conference in south-west London.

    “Within the next three years, it must be credible to talk of a British Army of 120,000, folding in our reserve and strategic reserve.”

    The UK army, which has trained more than 30,000 Ukrainian citizens to become soldiers to fight Russia, is predicted to number just 72,500 soldiers by 2025.
    Asked about the prospect of conscription in Britain, a spokesman for Downing Street said: “The British military has a proud position of being a voluntary force. As I say, there’s no plan for conscription. I wonder what military background this clown has? OH Dear is this going to be the old!!
    "Peace for our time" was a declaration made by British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain in his 30 September 1938 remarks in London concerning the Munich Agreement and the subsequent Anglo-German Declaration ( Perhaps Putin will call it the Mooscow agreement)

    He added: “I think these kinds of hypothetical scenarios, talking about a conflict, are not helpful and I don’t think it’s right to engage with them.”
    I bet Rishi and the wife will be gone living well away form the trouble.( never a fan of Churchill but had best start looking for one soon)!! Ben Wallace perhaps?
    Last week the chair of Nato's military committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, said civilians in member states should be prepared for a potential future war with Russia.
    In a speech this week, he said that the army would not be big enough to fight an all-out war with Russia even if it had 120,000 fully trained soldiers.
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