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Thread: Who are you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Morrison View Post
    Hi John F.C. #34. If you start researching your family tree as they call it, you have to take it warts and all. Genealogy is now big business DNA test etc. My interest started with an aunt looking for her paternal grandfather, rather a tricky one as her father my maternal grandfather was illegitimate though as is often the case in Scotland he was given the father's name.
    This she started long before computers and you had to pay researchers to go through the archives and records which could be rather basic, it was known he had moved to England and was a tailor to trade and that was it for her. She passed away in 2002. When I retired in 2005 with time on my hands and a computer I took up the thread and traced him to Reading, married with family and a small business, then Bristol and finally Liverpool. The irony of this was my aunt lived in Bristol all her married life.

    I have used many sites in my research and if possible to keep costs down those that don't charge, the Mormons had a good site, the National Library of Scotland, you have to register but free to residents. There are ones in Canada. Australia N.Z. and Ellis Island USA. It never ends once you start but you can be easily side tracked if something interesting catches your eye.
    Hi Bill thanks for that it was very interesting, I read that in the old days before computers Genealogist paid people to photograph gravestones to aid their research. I did my Family tree because I was interested in my forebears and also to occupy my mind after losing my wife, I found it a great help, one
    of the hardest cases I found was {like yourself} my paternal great grandfather, it must have been a horrible situation for my grandmother and her two
    brothers, he died of sclerosis and dropsy, their mother also died of cancer, it was 1874, grandmother was the youngest her brother George was 12 Charlie was 15,when their father died George went to the Doctors to get the death certificate, the Doctor had spelt the family name wrong, George could not read or write, he put his cross beside his fathers misspelt name, being a novice it was a hard nut to crack but got it in the end and have a copy of the death certificate complete with George's cross, George went on to become a boot maker and eventually owned his own shop cheers
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