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    Default The news

    Hidden away in the news, some interesting bits of Trivia.

    The PC brigade are at it again, nothing new there.
    But this time they are way out of line.
    All of us at some time said a prayer which ended in the word Amen.
    Well the 'Men' bit has them in a flurry, they want a non gender specific name instead..
    Amen, used world wide by Christians, Jews, ***** originates from the ancient Aramaic language and meas, 'let it be so'
    Now I think all these nutters should be put in a leaky boat and sent to a small island some where.
    I say Amen to that.

    Scientists and Doctors here in Oz have just completed a study into convenience food, personally I have never eaten food in a convenience, but each to their own.
    Notice they did not use the term 'Junk Food' might be sued off the planet by some of the companies for that.
    But too much McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza etc is bad for you.
    Why, because the sugar and salt used in the over processing of the food has a bad effect on the brain.
    It can cause people to act in a violent or odd manner, can cause amnesia and other nasty side effects.
    And there was I thinking all politicians ate normal food.

    Dornoch in Scotland saw the last burning of a witch at the stake in 1727.
    Janet Horne was covered in tar and feathers, lead through the streets and burned at the stake.
    With all those feathers one could say she was a well done chook.

    Sunday January 10th was the 76th birthday of Rod Stewart.
    Born in London he began his musical career as a busker.
    Picked up by Long John Baldry and asked to sing along with him.
    Over time his career as a rock singer flourished and in the early 70's his biggest hit 'Maggie' made it into musical history.
    A sad story, as a young man at a the local fair he was taken by an older female and taken advantage of.
    There he was an innocent chased young man take by this older female, what a terrifying experience it must have been for him.
    Having been taken advantage of in a similar manner on two occasions I know how he felt.
    Interviewed in local radio here a couple of years ago he said he had now put his pool cue back in the rack.
    But at 76 I doubt he has need now to play with balls.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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    Default Re: The news

    Amen has always been in prayers and denotes So be it. or as others such as a the secret service, so mote it be. Nothing to do with masculine or female men . When the word men disappears what happens to the word female ?
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    Default Re: The news

    I was always taught that AMEN " meant so be it " or words to that affect
    Ron the batcave

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