At sea meal times were fixed around watch keeping hours. Breakfast 07:30-08:30
Lunch 11:30-12:30
Dinner 17:30-18:30
As 3rd mate, lunch was favourite, the others were either meal reliefs or rushed to get on watch on time
As 2nd mate, dinner was favourite as no time constraints
As mate, breakfast after the morning watch was favourite.
Now retired and in order to maintain my svelte shape, ha! Breakfast is only a couple of slices of toast, no lunch and then an evening meal, all assisted with ample cups of coffee.
With this lockdown in progress, no doubt many of us are visiting the fridge for a quick snack (and don't tell me you're not). I have rediscovered the favourite lunch snack that when doing all my tickets at Shields marine college, was brought in that small lounge right above the main entrance (great for girl watching), it was a processed cheese slice in a soft bun with a handful of salted crisps squashed into the middle, this got me through lunch at all my college days, the alternative was either the Sector or County pub, which often meant you either completely missed the afternoon lessons or spent it trying to stay awake.
Rediscovered your favourite snack from years ago?