The number of establishments attempting to do their bit regarding Climate never fails to astound.

We had three here in Oz this week.

First, some international company involved with emissions from vehicles.
It claims that here in Oz we have the largest number of SUV of any country.
These vehicles according to this more produce more emissions than conventional vehicles.

Two facts, firstly if you want to drive long distances as we sometimes have to do here you need a different vehicle to some small countries.

Secondly, the Nissan X Trail and SUV has the same engine as the Nissan Pulsar.
The ford Territory an SUV has the same engine as the Ford Estate Wagon.

Then two comments by the Gratton Institute, an extreme left wing institute.

Firstly a congestion tax just like the one in London which according to the author of the report has greatly reduced traffic volume sin London.
My observation on this is that she must have done her research at night.
I have been to London on four occasions of late all in June/July 2013/15/17/19.
During that time the traffic levels have increased.
We stayed at a hotel in Kensington Gardens, a 12 minute walk from Marble Arch and in the morning and evening peak the bus would take up to 15 minutes to do the same distance. Logjammed traffic was a common sight there.

Then the latest, make the lanes on roads narrower so the drivers ahave to take to smaller cars, this will reduce congestion.
In her dreams it will.

One small problem, the buses and trucks doing deliveries currently can only just fit into most traffic lanes, make them smaller and they will be on the side walk.

I am sure we are not the only city with dumb clucks who come out with such ideas, they must belong to some organization for the stupidly insane.