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    After my mother was banned from driving after leaving our car on the railways lines in Fiji she had to find other means of transport if she wanted to go out. We had several ponies around the farm who were quite capable of giving her a lift but for some reason she choose " Big Red" my father's large horse.
    This horse was grumpy and resented being ridden even by my dad. However mum was stubborn too so out she came in her riding gear. The houseboys had managed to round up big red and saddle him as best they could. He had a way of blowing out his stomach as the girth was tightened resulting it the saddle moving when one tried to mount up, just one of his evil tricks.
    When this horse spotted my mother he would start snorting, pawing at the ground and rolling his eyes while flattening his ears....all signs he getting ready to fight this person getting up on his back.
    She briskly strode over and grabbed the reigns, the reaction was an immediate rotating of this rear end away from her and he continued to do this while she struggled to get her foot in the stirrup. She usually ended up on her own rump and he would trot off doing a "horse laugh".
    This then became a battle of wills, she continued in her efforts he continued to thwart her.
    If by some miracle she did mount up he would go down on his front legs, look at her, if no movement then it was down onto the front legs, all the while she was digging into his sides saying "giddy up you B*****".
    If she didn't dismount then he would look back at her give an evil grin and roll over, to which she had to make a hasty dismount or be crushed under his considerable weight!!!
    Needless to say she had to use one of the other ponies who had a better disposition, Big red would then break wind and trot off happy as larry!
    My father's office was near this little bit of fun and he had a lot of trouble not laughing at their antics as mum would've probably marched over to him riding crop at the ready.

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    Default Re: Big Red

    Victoria, this horse sounds a bit like my brothers mother in law.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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