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Thread: Decimalisation

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    As said before Des we came out here in 1991. I could not borrow beg or steal money as had no credit rating. In. Fact got a credit rating when buying our first new car. Had by that time a regular good salary going into bank every month and they were falling over backwards to loan you money. It took me 11 years to get out of debt , now refuse to go back into it. Once people start borrowing huge amounts which they cannot in all faith pay back, thatís when the trouble starts. 1991 to today is only 28 years but in that time the face of Australia has changed much.yourself and. Others out here longer will see much larger changes. I prefer 1991 to 2019 much better, Itís like going backwards the way things are changing today. Inflation to me is caused by bad management or misuse of the tax system. The labour government which was in power in 1991 seemed to have the right ideas , which since that time have slowly deterioted . The best law going was Australian jobs for Australians , which has been mangled beyond all recognition by others. Cheers JS.
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    Default Re: Decimalisation

    The today on the radio some guy who said 'baby boomers' have too much money and are too well cared for.
    As seniors we get a $63,000 allowance before any tax is due, he said that should be abolished.
    Told than may rely on part pension, part super and for some part overseas pension.
    He said it should all be taxed.

    What he forgets is that the pension has been paid for by taxes we paid, super was an after tax deduction as was most overseas pension.
    But of course he mentioned NZ where a double taxation policy exists.

    I just hope he did not read the article on the nest yesterday.
    In the good old US of A a group of socialists want billionaires banned!!!!!!!!

    Any one with more than $10 million should either be made to give the extra up or be taxed at 70% so the lower paid can have a pay rise.

    Can you imagine Jobs, Gates, Buffet or any other person who has worked hard for their money, provided jobs for thousands, giving it up?

    Problem with these sort of people, they breed.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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