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Thread: In Flanders Fields.

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    Default In Flanders Fields.

    Hello everyone,
    Watch and listen to 'In Flanders Fields' song.
    As usual just click on to html below.

    We will remember them.

    Regards from,

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    Default Re: In Flanders Fields.

    Thanks Fouro.

    Piccadilly Circus adverts switch off for poignant film paying tribute to 1m who died in WWI.

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    Default Re: In Flanders Fields.

    Itís not often I agree with columnists reports but in this case I utterly agree with his entitled ....
    An Utterly Pointless Massacre.
    The entire nation stood recently in silence to recall the 888,000 young men who gave their lives in World War 1.
    That awful figure does not mention the million plus crippled for life or devastated by what they went through.
    I have toured the battlefields of Flanders, seen the vast cemeteries of Tyne Cot , Menin Gate, and half a dozen others. They are all highly emotional , but one thing struck me more than anything - the utter pointlessness of the massacres.
    Patriotic and obedient young men were ordered to try to charge through knee high mud into the massed machine guns of the Germans.
    Who gave those insane orders?. Who threw away such legions of the brave to gain a few yards of Flemish mud?.
    The answer has to. Be the most blitheringly incompetent generals who ever commanded troops.
    For four years the lines of trenches stretched from the Belgian coast to the Swiss city of Basel. It hardly ever moved-forward or back.And yet the bodies were piled like cords of timber , field after field, ditch after ditch, trench after trench.
    We recently imprisoned two restaurant owners for causing a customers death by mans/slaughter/criminal negligence.
    That was exactly what was demonstrated by those generals , who were garlanded with peerages, knighthoods, sashes and statues. They should have courts martial. They lived in French Chateaux far from danger while the boys who trusted them died like flies. And for what?
    The German army was never defeated. It collapsed when the German people rose against their useless Kaiser.
    In world war 2 we conquered the enemy and wiped out Nazism. In world war 1 we just wiped out the cream of our youth. So I will always Honour with a poppy the lads who died but never the blimpish fools who sent them to their slaughter.
    Take the sentence .... The casualties were hideous but they were worthwhile because........Anyone want to complete that sentence?

    A copy once again written by a well known columnist. Alongside the one about Brexit.

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    Default Re: In Flanders Fields.

    John, there is no answer.
    Foolish men who thought they were the ones to save the world and by doing so destroyed half of the new up and coming world.
    I doubt there has even been a war at any time in mans existance that was as useless as this one, though I do not know of any that were worth the sacrifice so many made.

    King and Country was all they cared about, not the young lives they slaughtered.
    And yes it was the Generals who slaughtered these fine young men not the enemy, it was a war no one could ever win no matter how many men were lost.

    The Generals concerned should be called out for what they were, just war mongers.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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