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Thread: 75th. Anniversary of Bombing of Darwin

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    Default Re: 75th. Anniversary of Bombing of Darwin

    Thanks Brian, There is a lot of debate about insurance companies practices and of course there are very many occasions that members of the industry have acted in a most disgraceful way. This is not confined but is widespread throughout all organisations, be they corporations, governments or private businesses.

    I like to think that every operation I managed was to the highest standards and that was rewarded by the results.

    This leads me to the reaction to the devastation that occurred in Darwin. My good friend and colleague, the late Alex Roger, was chosen to assemble a qualified team and immediately set up a unified base to assist all those that had suffered loss as a result of Cyclone 'Tracy'. A city, 90% destroyed, it was a monumental task carried out with the utmost good will and expertise.

    The lessons learned and the analysis of 'Why' gave Darwin the incentive to rebuild with structural expertise so that next time - and there usually is a next time - the wind and water will not win.
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    Default Re: 75th. Anniversary of Bombing of Darwin

    After 'Tracey' they rebuilt and did a fantastic job. They developed a way to make the town cyclone proof with a new building concept.
    The town now is great and still growing, they breed them tough up there.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

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