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Thread: We did this

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    Quote Originally Posted by cappy View Post
    when the cook ran amok with the cleaver on a tanker i was on .......he was chained via handcuffs to his ....very secure bunk ......till we reached mena al ahmadi ...where the guy he butchered was carried ashore that godforsaken place.....R683532
    I went to the dentist there in 68, that was bad enough.

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    Wink Re: We did this

    Quote Originally Posted by happy daze john in oz View Post
    Now John tell the truth.
    You were into fettish in those days and thought the girls might like that way of things LOL
    John, our 'poofreader' (sic )shipmate Gulliver would have screamed such abuse at you ,or at least put you on his blocked list for six months for spelling it like that.

    Personally I don't know what the attraction of 'being into' smelly Greek cheeses is all about....
    Anyway I sailed on one vessel that really should have had as many straitjackets on board as lifejackets,I feel sure many of you will know what I mean-characters like Never Knowingly Normal Neville from Newton Abbott or Thomas the ex-'Tea Leaf' captain's Tiger from Tynemouth,who claimed he had had a twin brother Trevor,a Transvestite Tractor Driver from Teesside who he claimed went down on the Titanic,although when confronted with the fact that we couldn't find him on that fateful liner's final crewlist, said he might have been mistaken and it could well have been Harrison's the Tactician,from which he either Threw himself overboard ,or was Tossed there ,after a lovers Tiff with a Tindal from Tamil Nadu during a Tropical Revolving Storm in the Tasman Sea.......I seem to have run out of alliterative T's,indeed any other alliterations for the moment,so I'll don either my lifejacket or straitjacket from the marked lockers in my cabin,whichever comes to hand first ,and just utter TTFN.
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