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Thread: Climate Change

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    Default Re: Climate Change

    It is mentioned in the bible,
    in Egypt in the days of Moses 3000 years ago, Seven years good and Seven years of drought.

    not changed that much.

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    Default Re: Climate Change

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kong View Post
    The Guardian newspaper is a left wing pinko paper.
    It refers Arctic ice melting in September, This is after a summer of 24 hours a day sunshine.
    No one takes films or photos in January in the Arctic when it is frozen.
    "Fake! this last summer was the hottest on record," here we had 8 days of hot sunny weather, the rest of summer was a usual mix of sun and rain as it is usual for our summers, , indeed on several days in summer I had my gas heating on as it was cold.
    The Fires in Australia , it was reported on TV here that a 19 year old Fireman set some fires and then went on his engine to try and put it out.
    We had fires on the Moors around Bolton last year, Global warming???? No, three lads were eventually caught setting fire to the moorland.

    Going back through the history of the earth we have had many climate changes,
    The last one was the Ice Age, The sea was frozen, you could walk across the North Sea and English Channel to europe.
    Bolton where I live now was under 200 feet of Ice. and that was only 10,000 years ago.
    WHY DID IT ALL MELT???, My little car didn't do it.
    Before that Ice age, Bolton was a Tropical place, with huge rain forests, That is why we sit on a lot of coal, oil and gas fields. WHY DID IT FREEZE OVER???? My little car didnt do it.
    So why do I have to pay 273 road tax ,
    Can any intelligent person tell me what they do with that money, ???
    It used to be for road repairs and building new roads, which are now in a terrible state, . So what happens to my Tax???

    So "climate change" is just an excuse to increase Taxation, So do not be fooled.

    Greta Thunberg, the 16 year old kid who knows Everything about the climate, more than anyone else on earth hitched a ride across the Atlantic on a catamaran to the Spanish coast yesterday, how will she get to Madrid?? is she going to walk it?? so no carbon footprint or will she go by car or public transport??

    She should be in school or do they leave at 16yrs in her country. Someone has to be funding her ,she has been away from her home a while had to stay somewhere.
    Better she does a science degree or similar so she can back up her claims with real facts.

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    Default Re: Climate Change

    Victoria, I always wondered who was behind her in terms of funding and speech writing.
    Fr one so young she is very off pat with her knowledge.

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