Northern Star Purser's Bellboy, Wieslaw Kowalczyk, 1972 on mainline voyage to Australia and New Zealand, South Pacific cruising, then start of Mediterranean Cruises from UK in summer of 1972 .
His nickname Shuey, worked for the Pursers Office, possibly for 6-8 months in !972, but got very sick during UK cruising and was landed in Lisbon to local International Hospital. When he was fit enough, he was sent by Air Ambulance to the Greenwich Seaman's Hospital, where I visited him. Almost 50 years later, I am still in touch with him, but he has lost his Discharge Book, Seamans Identity Card, and everything pertaining to his life at sea.
When he recovered and released from Greenwich, he secured a job in catering with Shell Tankers. I have been trying to get him into the Springbok Estate owned and managed by Care Ashore, a facility for former merchant seamen.
Unfortunately, but understandably, they require proof of his service at sea, but despite all attempts with Discharge Book Office in Cardiff, Kew Gardens, Inland Revenue, Shaw Savill archives in Southampton and Shell Tankers, there is no record of Wieslaw Kowalczyk from the period 1972-79, seven years of his life has been deleted from all records.

If anyone, can remember this young man or worked with him on either Shaw Savill or Shell tankers, can you please leave a message for me here.

Many thanks and a Guid New Year to all Seaman in active service or like myself, retired - May 2022 bring us a much better Year, and safer environment. Stay Safe,

Cheers Jamie Shedden
Shaw Savill Society,
Auckland, NZ