Whilst looking back through past posts,there was a comment about recalling their number from the school. There was also reference to trainees being referred to as 'peanuts'. I attended Gravesend from 12th June to 4th August 1967. Although I could not recall my number, whilst going through my old stuff, I found two books issued to me on entry. They are the Lifeboat Manual and the Ships Steward's handbook. Written on them is my number C2485. However even after such a long time, I can remember being in the 'Ben Ledi' dorm which was on the first floor near the main entry. Being just 16 years old, it was an experience being away from home for the first time, but then again it was something I got used to. 11 days after leaving, I signed on my first ship, the Middlesex Trader at Birkenhead. This took me first to Avonmouth to discharge a part load of grain before sailing for Churchill in Hudson Bay. 11 days of seasicknes, and one of the old hands advice. If you are seasick, eat oranges as they are the only things that taste the same coming up as going down.