How many ex RN personel noticed HM and her family attending Prince Phillips memorial service this week, noticed that Princess Anne’s second husband is now an Admiral . Seem to recollect he was a naval lieutenant when she married him. Fast promotion in any walk of life , or a position fitting to his Royal status in the family ? There are always certain things that stick in the memory banks no matter how bad ones memory gets. In trying to remember a recent surname beginning with the letter F ,brought to mind a chief engineer I sailed with called Fuchter , he started life as a stoker RN, served in submarines during the last war, got a commission , came out of the RN at 48 years of age and his claim to fame was he was the oldest lieutenant in the RN.However this gave him a class 1 cert. of service as chief engineer , and his next claim to fame was he was the best customer in the Japanese bath houses. A good shipmate and the life of any party. JS