#8. When I mention the DSV Seaforth Clansman , she was to replace the second oldest commissioned ship in the RN .. HMS Reclaim which normally during my time lay at anchor unmanned in Portsmouth Harbour. You could always tell an unmanned ship as lines were painted near water level close to the draft figures , so ashore they could see if there was any sinkage. Any ship lying idle at anchor will accrue water in the bilges whether from being holed or just by evaporation better known as sweat. Whenever she was brought out of hibernation she was always with us and trying to do her job. Think she was built in 1952 , but the technology then and 1980 was vastly different and even today 1980 is obsolete. Anyhow the Reclaim even had a sail what this was for I have no idea and can only assume it may have been to assist in holding her station .Her diving bell was launched from over the side by Derrick. She will have been gone for many years now. The ship that is .Maybe they kept the bell as a souvenir. Cheers JS