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    Default Return photo

    Over Xmas I found a loose photo of a man with his service number (R118028) in a 2nd hand book about prisoners in Milag POW camp. I was wandering with the power of the internet and the good people on this site if the photo could find its way back to its family home wherever that is. The name on the back of the photo is “Harry Garnet” 2nd mate, Port Hobart ( which I think is the name of a boat/ship rather than the place. This may not even be Merchant navy related but I thought I,d start here.
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    Hello Kilcullen
    Although i dont yet have an answer for you, was just looking at the Milag Listing , thinking possibly he was in there?
    But a Search did not find his name , the nearest was these , close but not him.
    So will have to keep on the Search. Only other way is to apply for a possible CRS10 from Kew London, if one exists. This you can do for an Initial Fee of 8 GBP (Non Refundable ) and then whatever it may cost to send Record to you via Email, if found!

    If there is not a CRS10 at Kew, then he will more than likely have a CR10 at the Southampton Maritime Archive Section, so you may have to Email them there and ask!

    Central index of Merchant Seamen (

    H Garner as above shows also on Ship Port Hobart and Interned at Camp Milag, no doubt knew of this Man too. ???

    Name: Harry [A] Garner . Date of Birth: 1912 . Place of Birth: [unspecified]. Service:... | The National Archives
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