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Thread: I will be returning home to England soon.

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    Default I will be returning home to England soon.

    Went to live in America in 1979 after my now Ex wife didn't want to live in England, so I relented and moved to Los Angeles, California. Not so long ago, I decided to return, but not to the county of Surrey where I was born, but to the Cornish coast. I think it is a place to settle down and after the 20 years in the Merchant Navy and perhaps, just find a good woman to be my wife or an everlasting relationship.

    It wasn't too long ago, that I might try in finding a birth on different types of vessels, which includes luxury passenger liners, German Cargo/Passenger, banana boats, an oil tanker and even a yacht to the Galápagos chain of Islands. I have attended to Ship Captains, officers, crew and celebrities and movie stars.

    On Facebook, I have been determined to find some work on a ship, as I have mostly worked as a First class Steward, but I worked in the small engine room of a German cargo/Passenger vessel, plus Store manager. Night manager and scrubbed public rooms and so much more. Even took the temporary position as Accommodation Supervisor.

    My question today is: Where does a seafarer go today to find a job? Is there still a 'Merchant Navy Establishment'? A white board showing a list of shipping companies hiring? A Merchant Navy Union. Do you have to approach a shipping company directly?

    I still have my British Board of Trade Discharge Book and ID. Additionally, a British Passport, United States and a European (Expired) Passport?

    I have applied for a job with Cunard, where I have worked before. Is it easier to get work on any category of ship from England?

    It all seems a puzzle today? Answers please?

    Best of luck to my friend's and everybody else, who found a career at sea.


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    Default Re: I will be returning home to England soon.

    I think similat Thread was posted Dave anyway as i did reply and gave some limks did you look at them!

    Where does one go, to sign on to a ship today?Th (
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