Decisions taken by politicians often take many years for the full repercussions of their action to become clear.
Margaret Thatcher believed that being a homeowner was more likely to produce a vote for the Tory Party.
The right to buy scheme she introduced was very popular at the time with the social housing sell off being held as a great success. Little attention was paid to the fact that she refused to use the money raised to replace the housing stock.
Now in UK we have an acute housing crisis with tenants forced into the private rental sector, paying sky high rents, if they can find a place to rent. Families living in bed & breakfast emergency housing, no fault evictions and homelessness.

Tony Blair convinced Parliament and the country to enter a war with Iraq based on mistruth and lies. Iraq did not pose a threat to US or UK but he and George Bush were determined to go ahead in the name of freedom and democracy. Iraq still lies in ruins today with factions fighting and dying over the remains. The consequences of war led to the formation of Isis by former Iraqi military leaders and the destruction of Syria with refugees and asylum seekers on the march.

David Cameron, not learning from recent history, launched the intervention into Libya's civil war with the intention of regime change. Spain, Italy, Greece and France are still housing migrants rescued from the Mediterranean after fleeing through Libya. Here in UK boat loads of people are arriving daily.

To mention the disaster of wars in Vietnam and Afghanistan would take too long.