I've been to sea a time or two,
Years ago my dad did too.
We made a life out on the sea,
It was good to him, and good to me.

We both had sailed through Baffin Bay,
And passed great icebergs under weigh.
The Arctic cold chills to the bone,
And kindles thoughts of hearth and home.

We brought home gifts from foreign land,
Blue morpho wings and Rio sand.
Corcovado bid us adieu,
We said farewells to friends we knew.

Fair and foul, all sorts of weather,
We never sailed a ship together.
The sea called him, and then called me,
To leave the shore and put to sea,

Dad taught me how to splice a line,
To stand a watch, enjoy fine wine.
Dad crossed the bar his sailing done,
Seafaring ways passed to his son.

Ian Adrian Millar