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    Dear Mother I'm writing this letter to you,
    Although I've not much to say.
    We're sailing head on to the U-boats ahead,
    And I fear I'll not live through the day.

    It's wet and it's cold on the ocean tonight,
    And I miss our warm hearth far away.
    We're heading for battle with dawn's early light,
    And I fear I'll not live through the day.

    Our orders are clear from the Commodore's ship,
    And with them it's into the fray.
    I'll soon be gone in the grey light of dawn,
    I fear I'll not live through the day.

    Now mother this letter must come to an end,
    With love I will close it this way.
    And the Old Man will send it to you in good time,
    It's unlikely I'll live through the day.

    Dear Madame this letter I am sending to you,
    From your son who has fallen today.
    He was wounded quite early but sad to report,
    He never did live through the day.

    Ian Adrian Millar

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