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Thread: A simple prayer to Merchant Seamen everywhere.

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    Default A simple prayer to Merchant Seamen everywhere.

    A simple prayer to Merchant Seamen everywhere.

    I offer thus a simple prayer to
    Merchant Seamen everywhere.
    Allied brothers and also sons,
    even ladies and young ones,
    Father, son and holy ghost,
    forever watch over, these the most.

    As began there was hardly a day,
    a Merchant ship was not blown away,
    Please, look down upon them
    and save, our very brethren of the wave

    A simple tribute I do plea, to all
    in peril on the sea.

    It is so important to remember,
    a tribute on the 3rd of September.
    For those that simply can pass by,
    for those that do not care,
    For those that simply have forgot,
    they have a life elsewhere!

    For those that may have never
    known or even steer away,
    Please spare a thought especially
    on this Merchant Navy Day.
    Whether lost in enemy action,
    torpedo, gun or plane,
    the effect on those left behind,
    would never be the same.

    Bad enough to lose a loved one,
    but was it all in vain.

    They perished to save a Nation,


    Many in conflict, sailed across
    the sea. All they asked was:

    “Remember Me”.

    Beneath the Ocean, some remain,
    A Merchant Force, (in prayer) at home again.


    C: 2004

    I actually, forgot about this one I penned, not great but I am not a poet.

    Thanks to the New Zealand Company of Master Mariners: Tauranga Branch for
    reminding me.

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    "Our veterans did not forget about us .... Let's not forget about them." From Michael Levesque

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