the merchant navy

what manner of men are these
these merchant mariners of the king
they dodge torpedo and bomb
to deliver the items they bring

to join their ranks you have to prove
you can stay the course without a tear
to know that you can be trusted
to fight by their sides and show no fear

these men are hard but still can show
compassion to a beaten foe
they fight hard and fight to win
surrender is a word they do not know

the merchant sailor is hard to beat
they are warriors of a special breed
they face the terror of war and weather
to make sure we get the things we need

if you have one for a friend
then a friend indeed he will be to you
treat him right and you will find
that he will sacrifice himself for you

these men have a code of honour
that you might not understand
but once you get to know them
you will wish you were part of that band