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April 19, 2021 * 9 posts * 264 views
Merchant Navy General PostingsJimmy Swinnerton said:
I have got my Dad's Seamans pouch from the NA, I would like to have his full MN history. I have tried to find it on the NA website, but no success. His discharge Number is R172653. ... Read more >>
April 19, 2021 * 9 posts * 222 views
Merchant Navy General Postingsj.sabourn said:
George that discharge from the vice consul is F.G written as Fgn and the RA stands for running Agreement . All perfectly kosher. JS Read more >>
April 24, 2021 * 38 posts * 616 views
Ask the ForumLewis McColl said:
Unless I missed it but hard to believe that all these so called proud to be Englishmen failed to mention St Georges day 23rd April. Read more >>
April 23, 2021 * 28 posts * 440 views
Ask the Forumcappy said:
Dont know if they are early or not .....but spotted the ist group of swallows hurtling round the village on wed .....they are a true harbinger of summer....and very welcome .......but ... Read more >>
April 22, 2021 * 23 posts * 491 views
Merchant Navy General PostingsKeith Tindell said:
Although ,my longest was 11 months, small by a lot of you on here, i think this guy beats us all, kt [link] Read more >>
April 24, 2021 * 22 posts * 400 views
Swinging the LampLewis McColl said:
Summer visitors, when we lived in France these little feathered friends were a welcome sight. Used to start appearing about mid March and start heading south mid October,[ATTACH=CONFI ... Read more >>
April 24, 2021 * 15 posts * 353 views
Swinging the LampLewis McColl said:
I am sure a few on here have sailed with a few dogs onboard. Especially on passenger ships. One of the few classes of ship I never sailed on was a full blown passenger ship. Sailed ... Read more >>
April 22, 2021 * 21 posts * 405 views
Ask the ForumIan J McLachlan said:
My name is Ian McLachlan and I am trying to trace the Merchant navy career of my uncle, Charles Davie Millar, (b1887).After a long career in the RN, where he was awarded the Albert ... Read more >>
April 20, 2021 * 20 posts * 580 views
Merchant Navy General PostingsRobert George Young said:
I know there would be a few reasons to jump ship. But would one of them be to possibly make a life at the place?. Would that be one of the main ones..? thank you Read more >>
April 20, 2021 * 6 posts * 156 views
Merchant Navy General PostingsDoc Vernon said:
Just two Words Respect and Hero That's all i have to say here Thank You We will remember them Lest We Forget! With Respect for many Hero's [image] Read more >>