Breaking news, The Cricket board of Scotland has resigned with immediate effect following racism claims.

Scotlandís Cricket feud dates as far back as the 16th century. It had something to do with the Campbells out playing the McDonalds by 1692. The McDonalds called foul as the Campbells had a few ringers playing for them at the venue of Glencoe.

Majid Haq Campbell and his now best mate, Qasim Sheikh McDonald (no relation to the Doc) said they asked the Big Yin Connolly if he would help with cause. Apparently the Big Yin told them to feck off. The two players originally from Islamabad have complained that McEwans IPA (Indian Pale Ale) should be removed from sale at Scottish cricket clubs.They say the fact that it is from India is discrimination as they do not sell Murree Strong Special Brew from Pakistan
Campbell & McDonald are not happy as they have been told that some scottish cricket clubs are now selling a beer called Black Sheep.