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I get so many about my internet and Amazon but hang up on all of them as it is not worth wasting a heartbeat on them. Reason for this post is that I got a phone call yesterday saying that they had a sensitive matter that needed to be discussed with me. Asked my my full name and date of birth to confirm that I am that person. They got the same treatment. Just a polite answer saying I do not give out that information and then hung up. I think this is a new scam and not being derogatory to members but as many of us are getting on. Knowing loads of people who are not in the best of health this phone call could worry one that someone we know is trying to pass on a message. So is this another scam working on the old heart strings to con us or not. I take the view that it is.
les you should ask them to write to you ......we had a similar call a few years ago ...it was about a long lost aunt of pats who had died in southampton ......and left a small property ...she followed up and eventually there was a a payment to ..many members ...i think she got about 2000 quid if i remember .....but it took about 2years to clear it all up although she took the job on board it was a long time with solicitors and others to get it closed off ...it was an aunt and family thing no one from past generations spoke about ...so this generation didnt even know she was on this earth .......one very close relation .got a good few grand ....you never know les ...but i would suggest if it was a legacy ...they haveyour address and will write .....be lucky cappy....ps mind it could be a long lost son from the west coast ...you takes your chance