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Thread: Another passenger goes overboard

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    Default Re: Another passenger goes overboard

    Another Headline;

    Terrifying moment woman ends up in the sea after near-collision between two ferries off of Ibiza
    Passengers on one ferry appeared distressed as another one approached them

    One woman is believed to have jumped into the sea fearing an imminent collision
    She is said to be unhurt but one of the ferry captains has reportedly been fired
    "Our veterans did not forget about us .... Let's not forget about them." From Michael Levesque

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    Default Re: Another passenger goes overboard

    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Kong View Post
    I think some of those who "fall" overboard are suicides.I would guess most of them are from the USA.
    They may have a terminal illness and knowing the very high cost of a funeral in the USA , decide to end it at sea to avoid giving their families a very large bill for the funeral.

    Also I cannot understand why the kids of today are suicidal. cannot see a future etc.
    How do they think we felt during WW2, being Bombed by the gerrmans night after night, friends , family and neighbors killed, house destroyed, no where to live and NO possessions. no school.
    We never ever once felt suicidal. In the Air Raid Shelters we used to sing all the wartime songs loud to try to drown out the noise of the explosions, as the earth shook and heaved as the bombs hit close by.
    Too soft today.
    Brian, Your post reminds me of a bosun that used to live across the street from me in the 70s I was at sea and he retired early in the 70s threw ill health, He was a typical mans man of the sea and always had the deck crews welfare at heart, I never sailed with him but certainly would have, His name Stan Duvall known as Stan the man at Mann Island pool one of the few who marched down the gangway followed by the whole deck crew during the strike of June 66, They where herded up like animals and thrown in jail in Santos, In 1974/5/ Stan was diagnosed with the big C Not one to make a fuss I remember reading a book on my old mams step it was 11am and Stan shouted over fancy a pint lad I declined. About 4.30 that afternoon his wife ran out the house screaming after returning from work and found him topped himself in the front bedroom, Me and J. Pruden,s brother cut him down. One of the best there was and never forgotten. Terry
    {terry scouse}

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