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    Default Off to iceland

    Just back from a cruise to Norway and Iceland.

    We did the full Norway cost in 2019 so this cruise only took in three ports, Alesund we had been to before but tow new ones in Skjolden and Sognefjord.
    Interesting places where tourists are welcomed without being ripped off, making them very popular spots with tourists.

    But to Iceland, a country I had no preconceived ideas about.
    It is the youngest country on the planet only appearing about 18 million years ago.
    Still vey volcanic with regular eruptions and earthquakes to go with them.
    The last major one being in 2010 but with very little damage, only one house destroyed and one cow killed.
    Though it was reported at the time that the son in law would not miss her.

    It is a very cosmopolitain nation where fishing and farming make up much of the business conducted there.
    Tourists, as in Norway are very welcome and are not taken for granted.

    The countryside is not what many may expect, mountains of up to 1500 meters sweep down to grassy slopes where local breed of horses and sheep can be found in small numbers.
    The horses ae slightly smaller than standard and the sheep are a much fatter breed than the regular ones, tails are not docked!
    Ice and snow top the mountains for most of the year, only fading for a few weeks in the middle of their summer.
    Crystal clear waterfalls can be found all along the coast and the water fit to drink straight from the flow.
    We tasted some, fresher and cleaner than any you will find in any water supply.,

    There are log the coast many craggy outlets with thousands of Artic Terns makin their homes there.
    The rocks are white with the droppings and the white of their feathers.

    It is hard to describe the land, photos taken do not do justice to it, it is one of those places that must be visited to fully appreciate it.

    First port was Akureyi, and as the local say, 'it's a long way to Akureyi'
    There is a Very large Cathedral there where the religion, as in most Scandinavian countries is Lutheran, the old part of town just as it was a century ago.

    On to Isafjordur and Grundafjordur, two smaller cities on the coast.
    Both so very clean and well kept where the old mixes with the new in an easy style, so many points of interest to see.

    The capital Reykjavik is a very modern city, a mixture of old and new. An excellent visitor center catering for all tourists and locals alike.
    With exhibitions of many aspects of Icelandic life, and living museums close by demonstrating life during the time of the Vikings and beyond.

    In all a country of old and new sitting together so well, a friendly people industrious and welcoming.
    A very industrious nation where work is rewarded with wealth, the country is very clean and though at times the weather can be cold the welcome is very warm.
    Happy daze John in Oz.

    Life is too short to blend in.

    John Strange R737787
    World Traveller

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    Default Re: Off to iceland

    Besides the Cruise which i said is not really for me John, i do however like the Visiting of Various Countries and your trip there seems to have been a great Eye Opener!
    Yes many places to see and explore, but when i do then its Fly baby Fly! Gives me more time for sight seeing the land and Buildings in place of just Water everywhere most all the time !

    But of course each to his own mate and i know that you and Terri really love your Cruises! Carry on Cruising! Regardless! LOL

    Thanks for the Story always interesting when you get back !
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