With all that has been going on here in Oz, and most of the world, we needed to get away.
The 20 weeks of lock down had got us very low, no cruise so what to do.

A road trip, something we have not done for about 20 years.

Adelaide, good place to go so why not, got friends there, only 850 kilometers up the road.
Some of the journey through Gods country, where the grape vines grow, lovely stuff.

But while we were away things happened, the EU had to swallow in the end and Boris got BREXIT done.

Trump refused to sign the order for $600 per person in USA for unemployed sayin it should be $1000.
Get the extra from the foreign aid budget, why not, the money goes to the dictator of the country while the people starve.

We must have missed Easter somehow as I noticed there are still some Hot Cross Buns in the shops.

Christmas morning, Mass in the Cathedral and met a guy who told me his name was Noe.
Odd bloody name if you ask me, said he was born on Christmas day and was told No L.

Decided to go to NSW for new year, only about 1,000 Kilometers away, couple of night.

Then it hit the fan, NSW is Pox ridden again. Border closed so drive on.

Get home a day early after some 2400 Kilometers in 5 days, but three great days in Adelaide hotel.

Managed to get a booking for dinner in the local club, asked my brother who lives alone to join us.
He paid for his beer, me the rest.

But later I had to drink two bottles of French Champagne, not a good idea.
Woke up speaking in a French accent.

Felt like ten men then, nine dead the other one dying.

But it is now 2021, it has to get better, the credit card was taken into the Banks ICU but I was informed no serious damage and it will gte better very soon.

But at least unlike NSW we have sun shine and no Pox, well not yet.