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Thread: 'Wheelhouse Bar' By John Strange

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    Default 'Wheelhouse Bar' By John Strange

    On all Princess ships there is a main bar that goes by the name of

    'Wheelhouse Bar'

    Designed very much like an English pub with comfortable seating, bar
    stools, draught beer and all the other trimmings.

    Along the bulkheads pictures and prints, good quality, of ships from a
    number of eras.

    There are also some artifacts, in the doorway a ships wheel about one
    meter in diameter maybe from a sailing ship with evidence of much use.

    A bridge telegraph in gleaming polished brass, and a ships compass.

    This is also in gleaming brass on a wooden stand, the compass has been
    removed but still it looks good.

    I was catering so know little of deck but do know,

    Red, Port, left

    Green, Starboard right.

    look at the compass stand, it appears to me that McKenzie has his balls
    mixed up.

    NB: The above was posted on behalf of Happy Daze John in Oz
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    Default Re: 'Wheelhouse Bar' By John Strange

    Couple of things to point out. I guess this is a standard magnetic compass that would be situated on a vessels monkey island so the Kelvin balls may be correctly painted if you were standing in front of the compass racing aft. The way to check is to observe the position of the Flinders bar magnet.this is contained in an vertical tube fixed to the foreside of the compass stand. If looking at the pictured compass you can see this Flinders bar, then you are standing in front of the compass, facing aft so the colour's are correct.
    P.s, forget about the viewing window in the cover, that's just a pizzed off cadet, fed up of brass polishing putting the cover on back to front to annoy the bridge officers.
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    Default Re: 'Wheelhouse Bar' By John Strange

    Good mate of mine, ex Blue Star deck officer, was also on the ship at the time and thinks that as it was most likely put on board and assembled there by shore side workers they would not have a clue about the correct way to fit them.

    My thanks to Vernon for putting this on site for me, for some reason my computer was not happy to do so.
    Windows 10 has a lot to answer for.
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    Happy daze John in Oz.

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