i was on the MV Debrett in 1954 heading for New Westminster via the Panama Canal we had the ashes of someone connected with Lamport and Holts to commit to the Atlantic. This was duly carried out with the usual service for a burial at sea. The ship was hove to and just as the ashes were emptied over the side a gust of wind blew them all back inboard. Spitting ashes, tacks and brimstone the bosun said get the hose and wash that B*$#*@D off the bulkhead and lets get back to work. So much for a solemn service. The only other burial at sea was while on the Parthia. As the wrapped corpse hit the water the bag split and the weight having fallen out we could only stand and watch it float off astern. I assume the weight did its deep six thing though. Boatdeckman