Actually paid off the “SALAVERRY” in Liverpool on my 21st Birthday. The strange thing was my younger sister, a ‘Wren’ WRN and my older brother QM on the “BRITANNIC” were all in port at the same time, so we met my Mother at White City Dog Track (she raced 2 dogs there), Liverpool. Afterwards we went to the pub opposite the track to celebrate my 21st birthday. As per unwritten MN rules i ‘Pushed the Boat Out’ and ordered a round for all hands. The Publican accepted my cash for the round but wouldn’t provide me with a drink but had no problem giving my 19 year old sister one. Said i was too young even though i showed him my ID Card which i still carried around when ashore.
I had to bring a policeman in before i was given a beer. No one in my family stood up for me, in fact thought it was hilarious ! That didn’t help either. The first time the Old Man on the “EMPRESS OF BRITAIN” saw me on the bridge (1st trip after 2nd Mate’s) in Gladstone Dock. He exclaimed “Mr Adams you say ! Does your mother know you are away from home ?” I laughed of course but didn’t enjoy the joke.